EQUIP Power Program for Agriculture


You’re a grower of an important crop. You know deep inside that the way in which these plants are cared for influences the health, production, and quality of the plants. You are in this business to make an impact and bring a healing ingredient to the world (not just a profiteer looking for the next gold rush). You know that plants respond to a variety of non-mainstream inputs like music, being talked to, positive energy, and love from their caretakers. 

You may have even read some of the studies and intention experiments that show the big effect that coordinated and focused intentions can have on plant growth and health. Did you know that experiments that were done by highly experienced meditators and other high frequency people yielded even more positive results? Why? The brain wave states that are achieved by people who resonate at high frequencies are better able to access and influence the structures of energy that are supporting the plants. In addition, high frequency energies are more life-sustaining than lower frequencies and can provide more health benefits to the plants. 

If you’ve found your way to this program, then you have been looking for something to add to your grow regime that will benefit the plants in every step of their growth from seed to seedling to plant to harvest. You want to maximize germination rates and minimize transplantation loss. You believe in the health and healing properties of your plants and want to do something that will maximize the yield from each plant while also benefiting the health and healing properties of the plant. And you want to do it in a way that honors the land, the plants, the people on the grow team, and the purpose of the company. A way that infuses love and health into every plant. A way to evokes authenticity, growth, joy, and success simultaneously. This is exactly what the EQUIP Power Program is designed to accomplish.

In this program we will provide a small group of high frequency people who are experienced in this type of work and join them with you (and one additional leader/grower from your team if you desire). As a group, we will apply the EQUIP Power Tools to your plants and your company’s goals to support the growth, health and production of the plants, achieve greater clarity, insight, success, and flow. The power of the group structure turbocharges all the intentions and goals while also creating a group structure of support and inspiration.

Your group attends weekly EQUIP Power Group Calls facilitated by Amanda & Amy that dive into these five elements:

  • Alignment and Access
  • Focus
  • Presence
  • Flow
  • Frequency

In addition to the weekly group calls, you have the opportunity choose any or all of the following:

  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with Amanda & Amy to deep dive into additional goal, intentions, or areas of transformation.
  • Monthly clearings to remove any blockages for the seeds, plants, land, and workers (work is done remotely and your attendance is optional).
  • Weekly frequency tune-ups by Amanda & Amy to accelerate your growth (work is done remotely without your attendance).

The EQUIP Power Program is only for teams who are truly seeking a more modern and powerful way of doing business. We require a minimum commitment of one grow cycle for this program to allow space for change to happen. After the initial period, the programs continues with a month-to-month commitment.

This program begins with an onsite visit to each location where the plants will grow including greenhouse locations. All calls after the initial onsite vist are held remotely over Zoom video conference. Weekly group calls are 30 minutes in length. Monthly one-on-one meetings are 1 hour in length. The EQUIP Power Tools Workshop is a pre-requisite for this program. Pricing is quoted per month per team (excluding travel). Travel for onsite visits is billed at $5,000 per person per day for travel days and onsite days.

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