EQUIP Power Program for Corporate Teams


You’re a VP or Director in an organization and want to transform your team into a high performing team without all the stress and burnout that comes from today’s high performance tactics. There is an idea inside you that maybe you can find a way to exceed your business goals AND infuse joy into everyday work interactions.

Did you know our ‘current’ business structures and practices are based on what we learned from the beginning of the manufacturing age in the Henry Ford era? While those practices served us well at that time, we are in an entirely new business era, the knowledge age, and the business tools of the past are too rudimentary to keep up with the demands of the speed of business today. You can feel there has to be a ‘better way’ to do this!!! A way that isn’t fueled off stress and caffeine. A way that honors the people on the team, the goals of the division, the purpose of the company, and the journey of its customers. A way that infuses authenticity into every interaction. A way that uses principles of power to get more done with less force. A way to evokes growth, joy, and success simultaneously. This is exactly what the EQUIP Power Program is designed to accomplish.

In this program we will take a small group of the team members in addition to the team leaders (total of 5 to 12 people) and collectively you will apply the EQUIP Power Tools to your company intentions and goals to achieve greater clarity, insight, success, and flow. The power of the group structure turbocharges all the intentions and goals while also creating a group structure of support and inspiration.

Your group attends weekly EQUIP Power Group Calls facilitated by Amanda & Amy that dive into these five elements:

  • Alignment and Access
  • Focus
  • Presence
  • Flow
  • Frequency

In addition to the weekly group calls, you have the opportunity choose any or all of the following:

  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with Amanda & Amy to deep dive into your specific team member or goal areas that need more attention and further customize the tools specifically to your needs.
  • Quarterly clearings to remove any blockages for the business (work is done remotely and your attendance is optional).
  • Weekly frequency tune-ups by Amanda & Amy to accelerate your growth (work is done remotely without your attendance).

The EQUIP Power Program is only for teams who are truly ready for change and who are seeking a more modern and powerful way of doing business. We require a minimum three-month commitment for this program to allow space for change to happen. After the initial three-month period, the programs continues with a month-to-month commitment.

This program is held remotely over Zoom video conference. Weekly group calls are 45 minutes in length. Monthly one-on-one meetings are 1 hour in length. The EQUIP Power Tools Workshop is a pre-requisite for this program. Pricing is quoted per month per team.

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