One-on-One Consultation


Meet one-on-one with Amanda and Amy to focus on your most important goals, hurdles, or to sharpen your direction. A consultation is all about what you need at this moment. You define the topic and we will work with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

The following questions are ideas for topics for different types of consultations:

Focused on your customers...

  • How do I connect more authentically with our customers?
  • Is our Brand Promise consistent with what we want it to be?
  • Do we continuously deliver on our Brand Promise?
  • How do our customers perceive our products/services?
  • How do they perceive our company?
  • What needs to change about our company or our products/services to grow into new markets?
  • What are the most important issues to overcome to increase customer loyalty?

Focused on your company...

  • What changes will benefit my top line and my bottom line?
  • Tactically, we need to meet next quarter's numbers. Where should I focus my energy?
  • How do I close the gap between our current state (people, process, and technology) and the desired state of a successful, authentic company?
  • We seems to be operating under the Law of Scarcity. How do I change us to operate under the Law of Abundance?
  • The ideal of our culture doesn't match the reality of our culture. How do I get them in alignment?
  • Our corporate values are predictable and commonplace. How do I change them into a strategic advantage?
  • What are the key elements to attracting the talent the company needs?
  • Some parts of the company are "stuck in the muck" and aren't moving forward with the "flow". How do I get them to 'find the flow, follow the flow'?

Focused on your career...

    • How do I lead more authentically?
    • How do I integrate mindfulness into stressful situations?
    • In my current job, am I in alignment with my purpose?
    • What is the growth path to get to where I want to be?
    • How do I achieve the ideal work-life balance?
    • How do I get more done in less time?
    • How do I overcome the fear of starting something new or going to the next level in my career?

    Consultations are purchased by the hour. Before purchasing, contact us with the topic(s) you want to explore in your consultation and we will reply with the number of hours needed.

    Consultations occur over the phone or through video conferencing (your preference) and may be broken up into several sessions if needed to cover larger topics.

    The following describes the flow of a consultation...

    • We perform a focused meditation prior to the consultation for clarity and insight into your topic.
    • At the beginning of the consultation, we briefly discuss your topic to add pertinent details and related information.
    • Next, we discuss potential outcomes from the consultation and you decide which one(s) you prefer. We set our intentions on achieving those outcomes during the session.
    • The main portion of the consultation is tailored specifically for you and your topic. We will use a variety of tools to explore the topic and determine a path forward to achieve your goals. We will guide you how to use these tools and how to put the plan in place that we create. It's very likely you will leave the session with an action plan and 'homework'.
    • Based on the action plan, we will determine a timeline for following-up.
    • Then, we compare the action plan to the desired outcomes for the consultation, ensuring we successfully completed all that was needed.
    • To close the session, we have a moment of gratitude and intention setting.
    • For sessions that are 2+ hours in length, a clearing is included in the session at no extra cost.
    • For sessions that are 4+ hours in length, an attunement to abundance is included in the session at no extra cost.

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